Miesfeld's Summer Sausage - 18oz


Miesfeld's Summer Sausage. 18oz


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Great Sausage

It has the right summer sausage flavor. If your experience is the summer sausage you have had before was the stuffy found packaged and displayed at room temperature you will be taken back to reality of what a Summer Sausage is supposed to taste like. One of my friends flat out said it's the best Summer Sausage he's ever tasted In addition it's the. only commercial sausage I have eaten lately that has an actually edible collagen ring. All others are next to near impossible to chew and as a result have to be peeled. The way its supposed to be
Posted by Jerry Meyer, Jun 7th 2024

summer sausage miesfeld's

summer sausage is outstanding
Posted by fritz keck, Dec 7th 2020

Miesfeld's Summer Sausage

This is the best summer sausage around!
Posted by Lisa , Dec 1st 2020