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Cheese curds

This is the closest Dairy to where we used to live in Wisconsin. This is where we would always get cheese curds from. This is where friends get cheese curds when they come down to see us. In my opinion, they have the best cheese curds.
Posted by Elizabeth L, Nov 9th 2020

A must

We get them fresh when we're there in the summer. They dont last long here. We got extra to freeze
Posted by Patty Matheis, Aug 9th 2020

makes the best fried cheese curds

These cheese curds arrived to us fresh and still squeaky they tasted fantastic on their own and even better when we fried them up as fresh curds in a beer batter. SO GOOD
Posted by Breann, May 22nd 2020

Cheese curds

Years ago when traveling through Wisconsin on vacation, we had the pleasure of stopping at your dairy and buying some cheese curds. They were absolutely delicious. I recently ordered some and they were just as good as I remembered.
Posted by Sandra Thrasher, May 7th 2020


Great traveling snack and game day snack. Only complaint is they don't squeak !!!!
Posted by GReg Orchekowski, Dec 27th 2019

A staple in our home

We could eat this stuff everyday! When we're up in Wisc every summer its such a treat to have just made fresh curds.
Posted by Patty Matheis, Dec 13th 2019