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Cheddar Cheeses Curds

Hello, This is the only package that I've tasted and these were just as good as I had hoped they would be. The others curds have been given away.
Posted by Steve Duex, Dec 30th 2021


These are the exact cheese curds I grew up on. I hold all other cheese curds to these standards and no one can meet them. A staple and MUST HAVE every time I order!
Posted by SGFreeman, Dec 11th 2021

Cheese curds

Best tasting ones I've found since Bledsoe cheese went out of business
Posted by Rory Radtke , Jan 23rd 2021

Squeaky cheese with fantastic flavor

Once you've had this cheese you will always want more. Best I've had anywhere.
Posted by Dean Peterson, Jan 14th 2021

cheddar curds

So good you can't stop eating. Love the texture and slight salty taste.
Posted by Charles Berta, Dec 27th 2020

Cheddar Cheese Curds

Perfect for road trip or a snack at work. Just don't expect them to squeak.
Posted by Greg Orchekowski, Dec 27th 2020

Yummy cheese curds!

So good! Just like I remember!
Posted by Christine Bartsch, Dec 22nd 2020

cheese curds

Great !!!
Posted by David Knipp, Nov 26th 2020

Cheese curds

This is the closest Dairy to where we used to live in Wisconsin. This is where we would always get cheese curds from. This is where friends get cheese curds when they come down to see us. In my opinion, they have the best cheese curds.
Posted by Elizabeth L, Nov 9th 2020