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14 Year Old Cheddar

Best there is! (Unless they break out a 16 year old!!!)
Posted by Arthur Fuldauer , Dec 16th 2022

14 year old cheddar

It was wonderful! My kids and I did a “cheese toast” to their Grandpa and Uncle Gene. Thank you!
Posted by Donna DeRosa, Nov 24th 2022

Gruyere cheese, cheese curds, 13 years cheddar, grated Parmesan cheese .

Fresh tasting, intense flavors, and lasts a long time.
Posted by Eleanor Dougherty, Apr 30th 2021

12 Year Super Sharp Cheddar Cheese

A Must buy/Try with every order. Usually an overwhelming perfect "crunchy" cheese (amino's) although this time was a bit "off" but still it all disappeared at the snack tray.
Posted by Greg Orchekowski, Dec 27th 2020

11 aged chedder

If your not getting this with every purchase thank you. But your missing out on the best.
Posted by GReg Orchekowski, Dec 27th 2019