Pine River Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread - Large


Pine River Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread. 16oz


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Product Review

Fantastic spread, everyone enjoyed it. One guest works for an area grocery chain and would love to offer it in their stores!
Posted by Eric Zorr, Jan 2nd 2023

The best sandwich/wrap spread

My boyfriend's sandwich default was mayo on the bread then cheese between the meat. Since working with a nutritionist, he is actually happier using the garlic and herb spread on a wrap then adding meat and veggies. The spread has a great garlic and herby flavor with the creaminess to make mayo unnecessary.
Posted by Jane, Dec 13th 2022

Herb Garlic Cheese Spread.

Saw this on your website when I ordered the Port Wine. Herb Garlic is very good, a nice change of pace from thr Port Wine for our evening cocktail hour.
Posted by Walter Morgan, Apr 24th 2020