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Best Cheese

I love all of Pine River products. You will not find better cheddar anywhere else!
Posted by Kathy, Dec 5th 2023

Product Review

I have a well known Cheese Store a few miles from my house, they have very good cheese and a lot to choose from. I was looking for a place to buy a case of butter and I found Pine River Dairy website. Pine River Dairy does sell butter by the case and so much more. I have tried several different cheese and cheese spreads, cheese curds and string cheese. Every item I have tried is very good, in fact I have more favorites from Pine River Dairy than the cheese store nearby. Pine River Dairy is definitely worth visiting and trying their products. They have so many different cheese flavors to pick from you definitely will keep going back to try more.
Posted by Cheryl Rutz, Dec 30th 2021